Its a courageous move, but has hit put public in ordeal, actor Vijay

Popular Kollywood star Vijay had stated that the PM’s move to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes is courageous, but the common men are badly affected and face ordeal ever since the announcement was made.
He further added that 80 percent of the overall Indian population is suffering due to the mistake committed by the remaining 20 percent. This move made by the centre is really a good and appreciative move. This is courageous and a welcome effort, of course. This will verily help the country in seeing an economic growth, the star pointed.
The actor, Vijay pointed that people are unable to meet even their indispensable needs like buying medicines, veggies or others. While taking this measure, such turbulence could have got avoided if suitable precautionary measures had been taken.
He also added that most people make use of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes for making daily transactions at various places like malls, supermarkets, theatres, etc. All these are now hit.
On getting to know about the suicide of an elderly woman and the death of a child due to denial of treatment at hospital because of demonetization, Vijay has expressed his sorrow and regrets.